AccuForce Pro V2


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The SimXperience AccuForce Pro V2 “Complete” is a professional racing simulation steering system. When combined with todays best racing simulation games, the AccuForce Pro is as close as you can get to driving the real thing and is delivered in a convenient, ready to run, plug-n-play package.

The key to it’s incredible realism is our groundbreaking direct drive motor control system. We’ve engineered an integrated motor controller / PC interface as opposed to communicating between two different circuit boards as is common in the industry. This allows the AccuForce to provide lower latency, better response and more accurate detail reproduction than competing direct drive systems. Combined with a motor that’s specifically designed for racing simulation, the AccuForce system provides the best possible balance of torque, response and most importantly, fidelity and linearity. The end result: a driving experience that’s second only to the real thing.

Controller & Base Unit Features

  •     Unparalleled Steering Feedback Quality & Realism
  •     Direct Drive Force Feedback System (Wheel connects directly to motor shaft, there are no belts to slip, wear or absorb critical detail)
  •     Powerful, Low Inertia Motor supports up to 13Nm of sustained torque depending on the user selected mode *
  •     Easily dial back the forces for safe use by friends and family
  •     User selectable modes (similar to those on a stereo) allow easy selection of linear performance, peak performance, soft performance, child mode, etc.
  •     Extreme efficiency (Up to 13Nm sustained torque at 100% stall for 30 minutes with 2°F temperature rise over ambient with 0% torque loss due to heat fade)
  •     Excellent balance of torque and torque resolution results in an extremely refined and realistic feel
  •     Torque peaks are removed by default to ensure a truly 1:1 linear experience (option to enable peaks is provided)
  •     Up to 2000Hz Communication Rate via SimXperience Dual Stream Technology (1000Hz from Game / 1000Hz from Sim Commander software)
  •     Motor updated 50,000 times per second / Realtime encoder processing
  •     Lowest possible latency / lag due to integration of controller and motor drive system on a single circuit board and custom motor design
  •     4500 degrees of rotation, configured for 900 degrees by default. User may opt to alter this setting in real-time. Coiled cable limit is 1080 degrees.
  •     16,000 PPR (pulse per revolution) positional feedback
  •     16-bit control loop resolution
  •     Game provided instruction to movement time of less than 2ms (1ms to instruct + 1ms for game to read back instruction is a round trip 2ms)**
  •     Engineered for many years of reliable service in commercial environments. (Critical parts are stress tested for 300lb loads)
  •     Includes FREE Sim Commander SimVibe and Steering system tuning / analysis software suite
  •     Three force feedback (FFB) options: traditional raw game FFB, SimXperience / user optimized game FFB and completely user definable FFB
  •     Robust tuning capability via touchscreen or in game heads up display via included software
  •     Easily auto-optimize feedback for your driving style, driving line and a particular car/ track combination
  •     Firmware updates are automatically delivered and install in seconds with a single button click. No need to hunt for them on a website
  •     Expansion ports for additional displays, buttons, pedals or rotary encoders

* – Measurement taken with digital torque wrench at motor stall. Torque wrench manufacturer stated margin of error is +-5%. When designing mounting systems and evaluating safety concerns, please design for a 16Nm peak servo torque scenario.
** When utilized with the 1000Hz SimXperience firmware

Wheel & Wheel Button Box Features

  •     Alcantara® wrapped 320mm Steering Wheel feels like suede but provides increased durability and stain resistance
  •     13 total buttons (12-long life tactile push buttons & AccuForce Wheel Horn Button)
  •     Rugged, Durable Construction
  •     Machined aluminum automotive grade quick release system allows you to easily swap to different steering wheel styles
  •     Easily bolt on a variety of real world racing steering wheels or obtain an additional Wheel button box and quick connect them
  •     Adjustable upper button box modules and paddle shifters facilitate a variety of 280mm – 350mm steering wheels
  •     Machined Aluminum paddle shifters are not only durable but offer low latency shifts and positive engagement feel
  •     Carbon Fiber  paddles (replaceable to suit a variety of tastes)
  •     Paddle width adjustment
  •     Shift engagement point adjustment
  •     Shifter throw adjustment allows for personalized comfort not found on most competing products
  •     Mounting points included for 3rd party SLI plates or phone holders
  •     Coiled cable style connection to base unit (similar to real race cars) for maximum reliability

What’s Included

  •     SimXperience AccuForce Pro V2 Base Unit with 6ft (2m) cable.
  •     SimXperience AccuForce Pro V2 Force Feedback Controller
  •     SimXperience AccuForce Pro V2 Wheel Button Box with Paddle Shifters
  •     SimXperience AccuForce Alcantara® wrapped 320mm Steering Wheel
  •     3ft (1m) USB cable with ferrite filters
  •     3ft (1m) IEC Power Cord (same as used on PC’s) with U.S. plug
  •     Mounting Screws
  •     Sim Commander software (SimVibe and force feedback tuning features)

The AccuForce Pro V2 “Complete” is a fully assembled, ready to run kit.

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