Cube Controls CSX 3

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Das beliebteste Lenkrad ist zurück mit seiner dritten Iteration.

CSX-3 wurde entwickelt, um die Grenzen des Premium-Erlebnisses weiter zu verschieben und die Erwartungen eines echten Rennfahrers zu erfüllen.

Ausgestattet mit Q-conn-Anschluss, anpassbaren RGB-LED-Tasten, Vollfarb-Touchscreen-LCD-Display und komplett überarbeiteter Elektronik. Frontplatte aus 100% reiner Kohlefaser, Hauptkörper, Knöpfe und Joystick aus CNC-Aluminium. Optionales extra Paddel-Set.

4″ 800×480 LCD with touch screen
Native Simhub support
All buttons, dials and LED bars compatible with Simhub via a dedicated plugin
Optional set of extra CORE paddles
Momentary buttons 12
On/off toggle switches with status led 2
Grip-to-Grip wheel length 28,2 cm
Grip max diameter 45 mm
Proprietary custom-made tactile button assembly
Improved button guards with better ergonomics and feeling
Straight back charging connector
Backlit buttons
Front rotary encoders 4
Thumb rotary encoders 2
Thumb rotary encoders integrated into the grips 2
Launch control clutch system
Multi-directional joystick with integrated encoder 2
On/off pushbutton on the backside of the wheel
In-software clutch and shifters configuration
Pure carbon fiber front plate
Wheel hub compatible with standard formula-style quick-release hubs (3 bolts, 1-inch and 70mm PCD)
Weight 1143 gr
VR friendly
Q-conn magnetic connection cable
Customizable RGB LEDs buttons and dials
Completely redesigned zero-play short-throw custom-designed magnetic switchless shifter paddles with adjustable stop ends, ball bearing and improved tactile feedback
Die-cast aluminum main body

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