Simagic FX Pro


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Co-develop with formula racers and engineers. FX Pro, for the ultimate formula racing experience.

  • Featuring a 290mm wheel with full carbon fiber construction, patented instrument display screen, 6-paddles modules and a specially designed formula layout
  • Full carbon fiber construction, redefining a light weight wheel body
  • Next Gen driver software: SimPro Manager. Customize your formula racing experience
  • Sharp and Vivid 4.3″ LED display
  • Real time data monitoring for multiple telemetry systems
  • Multi-scene screen presets and real-time switching make it easy to monitor your vehicles telemetry
  • POP UP alert system notifies you to various race information like flags, faults and race commands “For Supported Titles”
  • Button, RPM, and Status LED’s all support telemetry based feedback along with various color choices
  • Patented soft glow rev light featuring 21 LED’s. Customize your own RPM gauge
  • 12 customizable RGB buttons; 4 thumbs encoders, 5 rotary encoder buttons; and 1 7-way multi-position switch
  • 6 paddle modules: 2 shift paddles, 2 custom paddles, and dual clutch paddles that support SimPro Manager’s button mode
  • Silicone grips with an ergonomic design and special anti-slip, sweat-proof, coatingprovides comfort, durability and most of all, confidence
  • 4 thumb encoders. Take control of your car in an instant
  • Next gen button designs that minimize travel while maximizing tactile feedback
  • Each paddle, knob and button position is carefully designed to provide the same level of control whether you are left-handed or right-handed


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