The revolutionary Simagic M10 DDW wheelbase brings the quality and feel of direct drive sim racing wheels to a new more affordable level. With 10 NM torque from its smooth, 3 phase stepper motor, you will experience the most realistic force feedback, whether you’re racing, drifting or rallying.

The Simagic M10 DDW has FFB & Damper dial access on the fly while driving and its own bespoke software to dial-n your settings to your own personal preferences. Settings can also be saved into multiple profiles so you can create different profiles for drift, race and rally…or whatever you want!

Reaction time to steering inputs is critical for taking corrective action when approaching the apex or overtaking opponents. The M10 has three CPUs to control the motor, the gaming effects and the USB communication, together, they have one of the fastest system response times on the market, while maintaining detailed force feedback. The M10 features superb holding torque,  and exceptionally low cogging performance result in a driving experience just like driving a real race car.

Simagic GT 4 Steering Wheel

The kit comes with a complete with the Simagic leather bound GT steering wheel, which again, makes it suitable for all types of Digital Motorsport.

The wheel has an extremely sturdy quick release system that is commonly found on real-world competition cars, making changes between your road or race car and your sim entirely possible!

The GT 4 wheel rim features:

Standard 300mm Diameter
CNC Aluminum Structure
Carbon Fiber Shifters
High Quality Silicone Grip
8 RBG Programmable Buttons
Two 4-Ways Triggers, Two Programmable Knobs
50mm Quick Disconnect To Wheel Base
In-Game Wireless Communication



Base Manual

Wheel Manual

Drilling Template