Universal controller suitable for all motion simulators.

The following software is currently supported:

  • Sim Motion¬†(inoff. Build)
  • SimTools (6dof no plugin required)
  • FlyptMover
  • Sim Racing Studio

supported actuators:

  • AASD15A Servo Drive and compatible actuators
  • Stepper motors with pulse / dir input
  • PT Actuators
  • SFX 100/150
  • everything freely adjustable and programmable for each actuator

There is an app for setting and programming the controller. With this App, all settings and configurations can be made and saved as profiles. In addition, the actuators can be tested in the various modes. The firmware is constantly being expanded and provided with new features and adapted. These can easily be written to the controller using the integrated flash tool.

There is a handheld device . The functions are controlled with this device. The built-in display and the encoder could be used to set all parameters via a easy structured menu. An emergency stop switch is integrated as well as LEDs for status control.

The handheld device is not absolutely necessary for the controller to work. On the board there are pins for your own control units . Also it is possible to have the encoder and display directly mounted on the pcb like other manufactures have. The control can also take place via the remote handheld device app. It offers the same features. I’m still planning the assignment of joystick buttons to the functions in a later update, as well as the option to save presets for different simulations for filter and mastergain,etc.

Instructions are available on my Github channel and are constantly being expanded.
There I also publish the firmware updates and other technical details such as 3d housings and manuals for the servomotors.

Manuals,Firmwares etc
Motion4Sim Github Chanel