Nuo Simulation Pedals

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Developed and manufactured in Germany

Exclusively available only at SIM-MOTION

from a simracer for simracers
each axis double ball bearing (2RS-Lager)
Noiseless and wear-free
Hall sensor housing ball bearing(2RS-Lager)
Wear and backlash free

Accelerator pedal

  • Accelerator pedal individually adjustable in hardness and travel
  • Initial position adjustable (damped)


  • Clutch with realistic gripping point
  • Start and end position (steplessly) adjustable (damped in each case)


  • Initial position adjustable (damped)
    Unrivaled: Brake pressure (hardness) individually adjustable in over 20 steps
  • Steigerung der Konkurrenzfähigkeit. Die Bremse wird auf den Fahrer eingestellt und nicht umgekehrt.
  • sekundenschneller Austausch der Federn ohne Werkzeug
  • ————————————————————–
  • complete frame consisting of 4mm stainless steel.
  • USB controller with 16-bit resolution
  • 120 Kg Loadcell

Contents of the Package:

  • 1 x Accelerator pedal unit
  • 1 x Brake unit
  • 1 x Clutch unit (when purchasing a 3-pedal set)
  • 1 x Foot rest
  • 4 x Elastomer Bushings for individual adjustment of the brake pressure
  • USB connection cable
    • Small parts (screws, nuts and washers) for attachment to the baseplate or another selected surface
    • Screws: 12x M6
    • Washers: 24x
    • Nuts: 12x M6

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Weight N/A

2 – pedal set, 3 – pedal set